Violet Blooms


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Flower Power

The hotel where we stayed in had a pretty neat collection of flowering plants. I was in flower heaven.
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Recipe number 1

I have a sweet tooth so that when I found a recipe for a peanut bar I did not hesitate to try it. The needed ingredients were few and were not hard to find. The procedure, too, was fairly easy, just a little mixin’ and stirrin’. Something a non-baker like me couldnt not do.


(photo by
The recipe was supposed to turn out as the photo above. Well, mine looked like these:



Although not exactly as the ones on top, my number 1 fan when it comes to my cooking (my eldest son) tells me it was delicious. I couldnt agree more. 🙂

After slicing the bars into smaller bite size pieces, I wrapped it in red plastic cellophanes.


Overall, it was a good recipe. Fun to make and even more fun to eat.

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How to Make Money as a Freelancer: Easy Edition

Hi, it’s me again, Danny Garcia, your friendly neighborhood freelancer and online business dude. 🙂

Today, I’ll be discussing,

Ano nga ba ang Freelancer? What in the world is a freelancer?

noun /ˈfrēˌlansər/

“a writer or artist who sells services to different employers without a long-term contract with any of them (Princeton)

(freelance) work independently and on temporary contracts rather than for a long-term employer”

To me it’s simply this.


It’s about working free from the constraints of having a boss look behind you every minute.

It’s about working free from the schedule of 9 to 5.

It’s about you finding your passion, and it’s about you living your life.

That, to me, is what being a freelancer is all about.

Cool right?

As an example, I work as a freelance writer and earn $5 to $10 per article.

Lovedy is also a freelance writer sometimes for me.

Not Just Writing

The most awesome part about making money as a freelancer is that you can choose who to work for, what time, what day, where and how much you get paid.

That’s a real blessing specially for people like me.

My father wanted me to be a lawyer, but I just wanted to be with my children and watch them grow – while working at home. And that, my friends, truly is God’s blessing.

It is worth more than all the money in the world.

The “How” Part

Well, you have to look inside yourself – what makes you happy when you do something?

It has to be something useful, it has to be something you can do online. Like writing, logo art designs, programming and more.

Now, the next step is to find a freelance or outsourcing website like

That’s the where part.


You can definitely do it on your own and ask your friends on facebook or twitter if they need a logo or an article written, but if you don’t know a lot of people who need those – people who will pay, (Mahirap maghanap ng clients) it’s hard to find clients.

Websites like protect both you and the potential “employer” (we call them project holders) from fraud.

Effectively hiring freelancers

On the other hand, finding the right and qualified freelancer is a matter of connecting with the right person and the right skill set. In real life, you don’t want a lawyer cutting your hair and your barber giving you legal advice!

The key is the platform. Like I mentioned before, provides this too for potential project holders and that’s what makes it so special.

Did you know?

$100,000,000 – That’s the total number of earnings that freelancers have earned on the site. Wow! Matt Barrie must be really happy. 🙂

How to make money as a freelancerP.S. I promised Lovedy this will be a short post so zoiks! Thanks again Lovedy 🙂 If you guys want to know more about how to become a successful freelancer, you can visit me on my blogs:


Danny Garcia

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How to Build a Business Using Freelancers: Theoretical Edition

Firstly, I’d like to thank Lovedy for allowing this humble blogger the opportunity to guest post in her personal blog. I really appreciate it Lovedy, please say hello to my pamangkins Philip and Sophie and cousin Gene Paul. I hope everybody is doing great!

Alright, let’s get started. Today I want to talk about how to build a business using freelancers.

Creative Commons Image via Flickr Shavar Ross

Lovedy and I have been in a relationship for quite some time now. Shocker!! Oops, not that kind of a relationship, but a more professional one and on a freelance basis. Hep, hep, she’s my sister, er, cousin in law.

This started last year when out of the blue, I came upon the crazy notion to start another blog about something intrinsically built in to our childhoods and heritage as Filipinos.

I decided to found

firstly, because I wanted to breathe some fresh air into something mystically profound and existentially relevant to our society. Secondly, because I wanted to tap into its potential and quite possibly monetize it. This was just one of our few projects.

So far the website/blog is doing modestly okay, we have over 300 unique visitors everyday and a few clicks on our advertisements every now and then. Not like the 250,000 daily UVs that’s generated by RJ David’s, but I’m sure we’ll get there someday.

Building an onlinebusiness using freelancers is like building a real brick and mortar business. It’s easy to start but harder to see it through, and harder to make profitable.

It doesn’t just take creative surplus or inputs, it doesn’t just take talent or skill, it doesn’t just take hard work and all of the things that people like to tell us.

To me, I believe that it takes the strength to push forward, to keep on going, to deliver our best even if our bodies aren’t able to anymore.  I guess this also applies to real world businesses.

Innovating Freelancing 

It’s easy to get caught up in the numbing everyday chores that life throws our way. We get up, take a bath, have breakfast, brush our teeth, go to work, go home, watch TV,  go to sleep then do it again 365 days a year.

This everyday routine somehow stifles us or chokes us even, into believing that we can no longer innovate. That as freelancers, employees, businessmen or whatever – innovation is something that people like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates can only do.

Creative Commons Image via Flickr TheDaisyChick

But the thing is, even the little things can be innovated. The smaller things could be innovated.

Failure + innovation = success. Who could ever forget the story of how the Post It note was invented? Read it here: The story of the post it note.

Even freelancing has been innovated.

Back before the inception of the Internet, freelance writers existed but not in the sense that we think of them now.

Perhaps they are more exemplified in stories of journalists running around Manhattan, hoping to grab some time with some editor of the New York Times and wearing a suit and tie, while carrying their portfolio. Now it’s high tech and a little bit more within the reach of the small and medium business owner. A freelancer from Bangalore could now write the report for websites like, while freelance editors from Manila proof it.

Today, thanks to some websites, you can now go to work in our pajamas as a freelancer for various Internet marketers or online businessmen just with the click of a button.

There’s no need for interviews, no need for running around Manhattan, no need to network and get to know the who’s who in whatever industry. All you’ve got is what’s in your head and what you can do with it.

By extension, I am also positing the notion that such is also possible to do with other types of business startups. Take a look at, Demand Media and a host of other prominent blogs that are raking in the big dough. They’re all making money on the back of freelancers through content.

I think the future of the web, would be molded in part or in its entirety by freelancers. The developers would build the platform and most, if not all of the content would be provided by freelancers. In fact, it’s already happening.

The questions actually that remains is exactly what do we need to innovate on today? What are the needs that technology hasn’t filled in yet? What are the roles of freelancers with various technical aptitudes in all of these? How do we tap into this potential?

Lastly, of course, how do we monetize it?

For me, personally, the answers are floating in problems. That’s right, for every problem or unfilled need there is, there is an opportunity. Things could always be improved.

Daniel Andrei R. Garcia, also known as dannybuntu is a full time blogger and online businessman. His current project focuses mainly on exploring the many, many ways of building a business using freelancers. If you want to join him in his quest for building his own online startup, please visit one of his blogs over at

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Hey gorgeous!


Well… Hello there, beautiful.
How have you been?
I have waited long enough to catch a glimpse of your beauty.
Yet, you have not failed me.
Your beauty was worth waiting for.
I shall look, no, stare at you every single day.
Forgive my rudeness, but i cannot help but stare at your beauty.

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Harvest Time

Its time to harvest the fruits of our generous mango tree (see here). So armed with nothing but our hands and a carton (to place our harvest in), we set out to do the task.




Here are some of the bundles we picked.



My 1-year old was an eager beaver helper and so cute at that!

After a few minutes, here’s what our harvest produced:



Not quite bad considering how small the mango tree was. Looking forward to next years’ harvest.

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